Wellness & camping holiday in Celldömölk in Hungary's thermal spa region


Thermal spa

Free entry for guests (exc. sauna)

Icon Schwimmbad
Lake Balaton

The "hungarian" sea only 50km away

Sümeg Castle

Impressive stronghold with jousting

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Mobile Homes

A special holiday experience

Modern wellness facilities, wide-open landscapes and historical flair join forces to offer you a unique experience during your camping holidays at JUFA Vulkan Camping-Resort**** in the Hungarian spa region, at the foot of the 5-million-year-old Ság Mountain! Guests enjoy free access to the infrastructure of the adjacent JUFA Hotel Celldömölk – Aktiv & Wellness-Resort**** including the Vulkán Fürdő volcanic thermal spa! This also applies to long-term and permanent guests, who are equally welcome in the camping resort. What’s more, our new and modern mobile homes offer an unique holiday experience for the whole family!

Guests find 24 mobile homes, 56 large caravan plots, 12 tent plots and 18 permanent camp sites at their disposal, as well as excellent infrastructure such as a barbecue restaurant, cooking facilities and children’s playgrounds. Washing machines with dryers as well as a dry room are also available. A small selection of food and everyday supplies can be purchased at the close mini shop. Free wi-fi can be used on the entrire campsite.

Direct access to the adjacent spa and thermal bath Vulkán Fürdő (Volcanic Spa), with a water surface of approx. 1,600 m², makes the camping resort a special destination for holidaymakers who seek to combine camping experiences with wellness: the “Cell Crater Healing Water”, eight different pools, a children’s area with a giant slide, a sauna adventure world, wellness treatments, massages and much more.

The are does have more to offer than just wellness, though: In the town of Celldömölk, which translates as “Little Mariazell”, the majestic Ság Mountain and the impressive baroque church of the Holy Virgin are well worth a visit. Numerous hiking and pilgrimage routes run close by. Of course, a trip to Lake Balaton, only 50km away, is equally enticing: At the “Hungarian Sea”, you can enjoy swimming, sailing, cycling or simply the beautiful sunset. The Puszta landscape is also known for its magnificent expanses! Enjoy them in the most unique way by exploring them on horseback.

Campsite facilities

  • 24 mobile homes
  • Plots for caravans, tents & long-term
  • Volcanic spa included (exc. sauna)
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Free Wi-Fi on the whole campsite
  • Parking on-site free of charge
  • Café & restaurant
  • Bike rental
  • Sports fields
  • Dogs welcome

Camping holidays of a special kind

How about a relaxed camping vacation with full service, thermal spa access and wellness? If you’re looking for that liberating camping experience but still like to have a proper roof over your head, you are definitely going to enjoy the new Mobile Homes at the JUFA Vulkan Camping-Resort****. The apartment houses, fully equipped with furniture and air conditioning, are perfect for four to five persons!

  • 24 mobile homes, fully equipped with two bedrooms, open living area with sofa bed, kitchen with microwave, bathroom with toilet, air conditioning, towels & bed sheets
  • ca. 30 m² + 10 m² terrace – perfect for 4-5 persons
  • Guests of the camping resort enjoy free access to the thermal spa and the hotel’s infrastructure.
  • The Hungarian barbecue restaurant “Vulkan-Grill” is only a short walk away.
  • Washing machine and dryer, power supplies, Wi-Fi and cooking facilities are provided on the campsite.

New, modern und now bookable!

Our mobile homes are equipped with everything you need for a relaxed camping holiday. Moreover, you have free access to the volcanic thermal spa!

The hotel restaurant is ready to indulge you with local delicacies. Kids up to 3,9 years of age enjoy free meals!

Pricing Mobile Home per day
(max. 6 persons)
incl. entry to the thermal spa

from € 75,- (HUF 24.750)

Book now

Prices and fees in the JUFA Volcano Camping Resort****

General Information: Prices for camping incl. thermal spa admission, excluding admission to saunas. The prices given are daily prices and valid until revoked. Local tax is not included in the price and amounts to approx. € 1,70 per person per day (from 18 years).

Prices in Euro were calculated with the exchange rate of 1 Euro= 330,00 HUF. The exact final price in Euro will be calculated on the day of payment according to the daily exchange rate (determined by the hotel).



To convert from HUF to EUR (and vice versa), enter the amount in the corresponding field.


Price per day Winter season Off-season Summer season
current - 01.04.2023 & 06.11.2023 - 31.03.2024 02.04.2023-14.06.2023 & 26.08.2023-05.11.2023 15.06.2023-25.08.2023
Pitch € 7 / HUF 2.600 So-Fr € 9,30 / HUF 3.500 So-Fr € 10,60 / HUF 4.000
Fr-So €10,60 / HUF 4.000 So-Fr € 10,60 / HUF 4.000
Electricity € 9,30 / HUF 3.500 € 9,30 / HUF 3.500 € 9,30 / HUF 3.500
Pets € 3,20 / HUF 1.200 € 3,20 / HUF 1.200 € 3,20 / HUF 1.200
All-in Package "Single" € 33,15 / HUF 12.500 So-Fr € 33,15 / HUF 12.500 So-Fr € 35,80 / HUF 13.500
Fr-So € 35,80 / HUF 13.500 Fr-So € 38,50 / HUF 14.500
All-in Package "Adult" € 42,50 / HUF 16.000 So-Fr € 42,50 / HUF 16.000 So-Fr € 45,10 / HUF 17.000
Fr-So € 45,10 / HUF 17.000 Fr-So € 47,80 / HUF 18.000
All-in Package "Family" € 58,50 / HUF 22.000 So-Fr € 58,50 / HUF 22.000 So-Fr € 61,- / HUF 23.000
Fr-So € 61 / HUF 23.000 Fr-So € 67,70 / HUF 25.500
additional adults € 10,- / HUF 3.800 € 10,- / HUF 3.800 € 10,- / HUF 3.800
additional children (4-12 years) € 7,90 / HUF 2.950 € 7,90 / HUF 2.950 € 7,90 / HUF 2.950

Caravan/camper “All-in Package”

  • Single: pitch + 1 adult + electricity + 1 dog
  • Adults: pitch + 2 adults + electricity + 1 dog
  • Families: pitch + 2 adults + 2 children + electricity + 1 dog


Price per day Winter season Off-season Summer season
current - 01.04.2023 & 06.11.2023 - 31.03.2024 02.04.2023-14.06.2023 & 26.08.2023-05.11.2023 15.06.2023-25.08.2023
Pitch € 4,50 / HUF 1.700 So-Fr € 5,30 / HUF 2.000 So-Fr € 6,70 / HUF 2.500
Fr-So € 5,60 / HUF 2.100 Fr-So € 7,- / HUF 2.650
Electricity € 9,30 / HUF 3.500 € 9,30 / HUF 3.500 € 9,30 / HUF 3.500
Pets € 3,20 / HUF 1.200 € 3,20 / HUF 1.200 € 3,20 / HUF 1.200
All-in Package "Single" € 27,50 / HUF 10.200 So-Fr € 27,50 / HUF 10.200 So-Fr € 32,50 / HUF 12.200
Fr-So € 32,50 / HUF 12.200 Fr-So € 40,- / HUF 15.000
All-in Package "Adult" € 37,80 / HUF 14.000 So-Fr € 37,80 / HUF 14.000 So-Fr € 44,70 / HUF 16.800
Fr-So € 44,70 / HUF 16.800 Fr-So € 46,40 / HUF 17.500
All-in Package "Family" € 53,10 / HUF 20.000 So-Fr € 53,10 / HUF 20.000 So-Fr € 55,70 / HUF 21.000
So-Fr € 55,70 / HUF 21.000 Fr-So € 66,- / HUF 23.000
additional adults € 10,- / HUF 3.800 € 10,- / HUF 3.800 € 10,- / HUF 3.800
additional children (4-12 years) € 7,90 / HUF 2.950 € 7,90 / HUF 2.950 € 7,90 / HUF 2.950

Tent “All-in Package”

  • Single: tent site + 1 adult + electricity + 1 dog
  • Adults: tent site + 2 adults + electricity + 1 dog
  • Families: camping + 2 adults + 2 children + electricity + 1 dog

Additional prices

Permanent camping

Permanent camping
Pitch fee 1 year € 1.455,- / HUF 544.500
Personal Fee/day adult € 5,90 / HUF 2.200
Personal fee/day children (4-15,9 years) € 4,70 / HUF 2.200
Price per day
additional dogs € 4,- / HUF 1.500
Late Check-Out (until 15:00) € 9,30 / HUF 3.500
Early Check-In (from 10:00) € 9,30 / HUF 3.500


Price per meal per camping or mobile home guest
Breakfast adults € 10,45 / HUF 3.950
Breakfast children € 6,65 / HUF 2.500
Dinner adults € 12,- / HUF 4.600
Dinner children € 8,50 / HUF 3.200
Price per meal per external guest
Breakfast adults € 11,65 / HUF 4.400
Breakfast children € 7,40 / HUF 2.800
Dinner adults € 17,50 / HUF 6.100
Dinner children € 9,15 / HUF 3.450

Virtual Tour

Get to know the JUFA Vulkan Camping-Resort**** on a virtual tour and discover our mobile homes!

A culinary vacation

What would a holiday be without indulging yourself in local delicacies? Whether you are a hotel guest or restaurant visitor, the JUFA Hotels offer fresh, regional and varied breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet for you.

We are happy to prepare vegetarian or vegan dishes for you!

breakfast  lunch & dinner

Best attractions in the area

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No entries found.

Lake Balaton, Mariazell Basilica

Here, you will find numerous leisure activities and sights in the immediate vicinity, such as the Klein-Mariazell Basilica or lake Balaton which is only 50 km away. A trip to the surrounding neighborhood is definitely worthwhile.

Hiking, Cycling, Horse Riding

The region around Celldömölk and the Ságberg offers many opportunities to be discovered. The Hungarian volcanic country is home to many hiking and pilgrim trails and inspires with great excursion possibilities for cyclists. If you want to take it a little quieter, you can sit back and admire the surroundings while sitting comfortably in a carriage.

Kemenes Volcano Park

With your family in the volcano museum “Kemenes Volcano Park” discover all sorts of interesting things about the exciting subject of earthquakes, volcanoes and geysers. In the discovery room, you can experience volcanic and geyser eruptions and an earthquake by means of models. While in the volcano room the processes in the earth’s interior are shown, the visitors experience different lava surfaces in the simulation room and can learn about the erosion of the volcanoes via computer models.

Show more

Sporty in the Hungarian spa region

Fussballmannschaft beim Training auf Rasenplatz in Ungarn. JUFA Hotels bietet Ihnen den Ort für erfolgreiches Training in ungezwungener Atmosphäre für Vereine und Teams.

How about a sports or hiking holiday, or working up a really good sweat on your family holiday? JUFA Hotels are located in perfect settings for challenging sporting activities and are an ideal base from which to embark on a range of sporting adventures.

The first-rate sports and wellness facilities at the JUFA Hotel Celldömölk – Aktiv & Wellness-Resort****, including the thermal bath and spa Vulkán Fürdő, adjacent to the campsite can be used by camping guests free of charge.

In addition to the resort’s facilities, the region offers a great variety of sports activities, such as cycling (bike rental at the campsite), hiking or horseriding.

Sports facilities at the adjacent JUFA Hotel

  • Artificial turf pitch:
    • 105 x 68m with floodlights
    • 65 x 45m with floodlights (approx. 1km away)
  • 2 natural turf pitches:
    • 108 x 68m each with floodlights (approx. 1km away)
  • Indoor swimming pool: 25m length with 6 lanes
  • Table tennis hall: up to 14 tables (approx. 1km away)
  • Outdoor tennis court

Other facilities at the adjacent JUFA Hotel

  • Seminar and meeting rooms
  • Adjacent thermal bath and spa with massage offers, gym, and more
  • 2 sports halls (approx. 1-2km away)
    • 40 x 20m
    • 30 x 16m
  • Fun court with sand pitch
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JUFA Vulkan Camping-Resort****
Sport utca 10, 9500 Celldömölk, Hungary
+36 (95) 421180

    Awards, cooperations & partners

Location & getting there

Please bring ID!

Please note that according to Hungarian law, guests are required to bring valid ID or a passport to check-in at the JUFA Hotel Celldömölk – Aktiv- & Wellnessresort**** as well as at the JUFA Vulkan Camping-Resort **** Hungary.

The JUFA Vulkan Camping-Resort**** is located just outside the town of Celldömölk in Hungary and can easily be reached by car. Guests can make use of the free parking places for cars and buses.

  • Contact

    Sport utca 10
    9500 Celldömölk
    Phone: +36 (95) 421180
    Fax: +36 (95) 421183
    Email: [email protected]

  • Travelling by car

    Start route planning with Google Maps here.

    From the south/Graz:
    Take the A2 Süd Autobahn in direction Ungarn/Italien/A9/Deutschland/Slowenien – at the motorway junction Knoten Graz-Ost, change to A2/E66 direction Wien/Ungarn – take the exit 111-Lafnitztal and drive in direction of Lafnitztal/Oberwart – follow the signs on B50 and B63 to Hungary (Ungarn) – after passing the border, follow the M89 – at the second roundabout, take the second exit to follow M87 – continue on E65/M86 in direction of Sárvár/Budapest/Csorna – take the exit 88 in direction of Vát/Sárvár and continue on M88 – at the junction, turn right to M84 – at the roundabout, take the third exit towards M834.
    In the town of Celldömölk, continue on Széchenyi u. and Sági u. to Építők útja – turn right onto Tó u. and continue to the JUFA Camping Resort.

    From the west/north (Vienna):
    Take the A4 in direction Flughafen/Budapest/Bratislava/Ungarn – after crossing the border, continue on M1 until the exit 129 – follow the M85 in direction Sopron/Csorna – keep left onto M86 and take the exit 124 – at the roundabout, take the second exit, at the next roundabout, take the first exit – continue on Kossuth u. – turn right onto Ady u. – turn left onto Béke u. in direction M834 – turn right onto M834.
    In the town of Celldömölk, turn left onto Wesselényi u. – turn right onto Kossuth Lajos u. – at the roundabout, take the second exit to Dr. Géfin Lajos tér and continue on Sági u. to Építők útja – turn right onto Tó u. and continue to the JUFA Camping Resort.

  • Travelling by train

    For more detailed information on how to reach us by  public transport, please refer to the ÖBB (Austrian Railways) and WESTbahn websites.

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