My ten top things to see and do in Salzburg

Mozart’s birthplace, the famous Getreidegasse, the Sound of Music Tour: these are all must-see tourist attractions in Salzburg. Huge crowds of tourists come from all over the world to the visit the city. Here are ten top things to see and do in Salzburg which are perfect for people who want to experience the city away from the obvious tourist hot spots. You will soon learn that Salzburg is so much more than just Mozart!

#1 – The Franziskischlössl (Francis′ Castle) on the Kapuzinerberg

Most people who visit Salzburg usually just stay around the old quarter or the castle. However, we highly recommend that you occasionally go to the other side of the river and pay a visit to the hill called the Kapuzinerberg. The best way to get there is to walk through the Franziskustor gate in the Linzergasse. You will need to continue on a narrow path and up some steps on the Basteiweg trail until you reach the Franziskischlössl. The castle was once a citadel which looks like a small fort. It affords magnificent views over the old quarter and probably has the best view of the Hohensalzburg Castle. It is great to sit in the beer garden on a sunny day where you can enjoy a tasty lunch with a refreshing glass of beer.

Über der rechten Altstadt Salzburgs thront das Franziskischlössl mit Blick auf die Festung Hohensalzburg
Der gemütliche Innenhof des Franziskischlössl am Kapuzinerberg lädt zum Verweilen

#2 – The Stadtalm on the Mönchsberg

The Stadtalm (literally ‘city alp’) is a restaurant situated on the top of the Mönchsberg mountain. You have to cross over to the other side of the river and climb to more lofty heights to reach it. It can be reached easily from Salzburg’s old quarter as it is located directly above it. A convenient way to reach the Stadtalm is to take the Mönchsberg lift, or you can take a taxi if you want to get there more quickly. You can also walk if you are feeling particularly energetic. There are a number of walking trails up the Mönchsberg; a quick way to make your ascent is via the footpath in Reichenhaller Strasse. From the beer garden at the Stadtalm restaurant, you are afforded wonderful views of Hohensalzburg Castle and down to the old quarter (Altstadt).

Die Stadtalm auf dem Mönchsberg bietet einen schönen Blick auf die Salzburger Altstadt vom Gastgarten aus.
Der buddhistische Stupa ist ein Friedensdenkmal und steht am Mönchsberg zwischen der Richterhöhe und dem Festungsberg, mit einem schönen Blick auf die Festung Hohensalzburg.

#3 – The Buddhist stupa on Mönchsberg mountain

A few metres further up the Mönchsberg you will find a stupa which sits majestically among peaceful surroundings. This Buddhist monument is a memorial to peace and symbolises Buddha and the Buddhist faith in general. The statue was actually sanctified by an eminent lama (a spiritual teacher of Tibetan Buddhism) from Nepal in 2011 and can be found between the Richterhöhe (the highest point of the Mönchsberg) and the Festungsberg mountain. The façade is made from granite blocks and the Buddha itself glistens in lustrous gold. There is a real sense of tranquility here and it is a wonderful place to linger for a while or perhaps meditate.

#4 – The Augustine Brewery in Mülln

A refreshing glass of Augustine beer is just the thing after a strenuous walk across Salzburg’s many hills. The people of Salzburg affectionately call the Augustine brewery the Bräustübi where they can often be seen lifting a stein of beer in one of the rustic saloons or outside in the beer garden when the weather is fine. The Augustine Brewery was founded in 1621 and the beer is still stored in wooden barrels. There is an excellent selection of local delicacies and specialities for both small and large appetites and you can even select something off the menu to takeaway. It is a great place to hang out!

Das traditionsreiche Bräuhaus in Salzburg-Mülln ist ein Tipp für Besucher der Stadt Salzburg
Das traditionsreiche Bräuhaus in Salzburg-Mülln ist ein Tipp für Besucher der Stadt Salzburg. In Tonkrügen zu einem halben und einem Liter wird der Gerstensaft ausgeschenkt.
Eine schöne Tasse mit Hornig Kaffee im JUFA Hotel Wien City. Der Ort für erlebnisreichen Städtetrip für die ganze Familie und der ideale Platz für Ihr Seminar.

#5 – Enjoy a cup of coffee

Anyone wishing to swap a glass of beer for a cup of coffee is in the right hands at the JUFA Hotel. The garden restaurant is the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. We take great pride in serving only the most delicious coffee; this is why we serve our guests J. Hornig coffee. Celebrities can sometimes be spotted hanging out here at the weekends. The building next door is the ARGE Kultur which is a cool venue for cultural events and concerts. If this does not interest you, you can still enjoy a laid-back evening with a breathtaking view of the Hohensalzburg Castle.

#6 – Hellbrunn Palace and Hellbrunner Allee

Hellbrunn Palace was built in a record time of three years under the auspices of the Prince Bishop Markus Sittikus. It was finally completed in 1615. It was built as a pleasure palace where the nobility would have lavish celebrations and entertainments. In the modern age, the palace gardens are still a great place to while away the hours. The fountains are an absolute delight and are full of surprises. Getting sprinkled by the various water jets is great fun for both children and adults. The magnificent palace gardens are a perfect place to while away some happy hours in the fresh air. The Hellbrunner Allee is a magnificent avenue where you can enjoy longer walks. There are also jogging trails around this area. It connects the city of Salzburg with Hellbrunn and is the home of a variety of flora and fauna. Local people truly love spending time in Hellbrunn.

Das idyllisch gelegene Schloss Hellbrunn am südlichen Rand von Salzburg bietet eine großzügige Parkanlage und schöne Gartenarchitektur.
Gut erhaltener Barocksaal des Schlosses Hellbrunn mit vielen Wandmalereien und Kunstwerken.
Person liegt am Ufer der Salzach und blickt auf die Altstadt

#7 – Chill out on the banks of the River Salzach

On a sunny day, the best way to escape the stresses and strains of daily life or the hustle and bustle of the tourists is to laze about on the banks of the River Salzach. It is a good idea to get there early as you can be sure that a number of students and other local residents will have had the same idea. All you need to enjoy a very pleasant afternoon by the river is a few cans of beer, sunglasses and a picnic blanket. In the evening, you can enjoy the sunset or prepare yourself for an evening pub crawl. The Salzach is one of the city’s best kept secrets and is perfect for anyone who wants to shift down a gear or two.

#8 – Silent beauty: Salzburg’s cemeteries

Iron crosses, ornate resting places, statues and lavishly ornamented tombs are the gruesome things you can marvel at when you visit Salzburg’s cemeteries. St Peter’s Cemetery is located at the foot of the Festungsberg mountain and is the oldest Christian cemetery in Salzburg. The graves situated here contain the remains of a number of wealthy and famous citizens of Salzburg. For example, Mozart’s sister Nannerl and the composer Michael Haydn are buried here. When you leave the cemetery and head south, you will arrive at St Peter’s Stiftsbäckerei, Salzburg’s oldest bakery. Goods have been baked here using traditional techniques for over 700 years. The Cemetery of St. Sebastian is a special hidden gem. It was set out like an Italian campo santo (literally ‘holy field’) and is rather untypical for Salzburg. Mozart’s father Leopold and his widow Constanze are buried here. Other cemeteries worth visiting include the Jewish cemetery in the Andräviertel (unfortunately, it is not open to the public) and the war cemetery in Anif.

Ein Engel aus Stein bewacht einen Salzburger Friedhof.
Südlich der Stadt Salzburg befindet sich der Soldatenfriedhof zum Andenken an die Gefallenen der beiden Weltkriege.

#9 – The Almkanal

The Alm canal flows from the Königssee Ache river in Bavaria to Leopoldskron Lake where it forks off. It is one of the oldest water and energy supply systems in Central Europe. The Stiftsarmstollen tunnels, which flow beneath the Mönchsberg, are some of oldest water supply tunnels in Central Europe. When the canals used to be drained for cleaning and maintenance (which is called the Almabkehr) people that were not prone to claustrophobia would travel through these subterranean tunnels which are no higher than 1.4 metres in several places. Those of us who prefer to remain above the surface and are looking for a little adventure can choose to paddle a dinghy along the Almkanal.

Der angelegte Stadtstrand im Volksgarten von Salzburg bietet Ruhe und Erholung im stressigen (Touristen-)Alltag.

#10 – The Salzbeach in the Volksgarten

It is hard to imagine that there is actually a beach right in the centre of Salzburg. The Salzbeach can be found in the Volksgarten. Half a tonne of sand is deposited here each year which gives this part of the city a beach-like atmosphere. The Salzbeach is not only a great place to chill out but you can also get physically active here: a jogging course, an obstacle course and beach volleyball are just a few examples of how you can spend your time in this oasis of fun and relaxation. Entertainment is also provided: Summer cinema, open-stage and concerts are held regularly in the Volksgarten program.

Eva Krallinger schreibt unter anderem für Happy Kompass - den JUFA-Blog. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.
Über die Autorin: Eva Krallinger-Gruber

Eva ist eine richtige Ex-Exil-Salzburgerin. Frankreich, USA, Schweiz – aber nirgends ist es wie zuhause. Journalismus, Marketing (Kosmetik und dann Bier) und eigentlich redet sie auch ganz gern. Auf schreibt sie über Salzburg und was es in der Nicht-nur-Mozartstadt zu entdecken gibt.

And only a stone’s throw from all these top places to visit:

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