10 Top Things To Do This Spring!

Have you just have awoken from your long winter’s slumber and are you wondering what to do with this new burst of energy you have now spring has arrived? We have 10 fantastic tips here to really help your spring burst into life!

#1 – Buy your summer festival tickets early

Tickets for the major summer festivals are already selling out fast. There is nothing more annoying than being unable to get tickets to see your favourite artist who has finally come to perform in Austria. You should definitely keep your eye on ticket availability for the following festivals:

Stoabeatz | 25-27 May 2017 | Lake Walch (T)

C’est La Mü Festival | 27 May 2017 | Oslip (BL)
Line-up includes: Voodoo Jürgen, Die höchste Eisenbahn and many more.

Spring Festival | 14-18 June 2017 | Graz (ST)
Line-up includes: HVOB, Crack Ignaz and many more.
(Stay over at theJUFA Hotel Graz City)

Ahoi! The Full Hit of Summer | 11 July 2017 | Linz (OÖ)

Acoustic Lakeside | 20-22 July 2017 | Sittersdorf (KTN)
(Stay over at the JUFA Hotel Bleiburg)

Picture On Festival | 11-12 August 2017 | Bildein (BL)
Line-up includes: Bad Religion, 5/8erl in Ehr’n, and more.

#2 Go barefoot!

Depending on the weather (and the weather has certainly been very unpredictable in recent years), the first time we can look forward to stepping into our gardens or onto our balconies barefoot is usually in March (or even a few weeks later). What a glorious feeling! However, don’t forget to beware of the ides of March (or what in Austria is described as the März’nkaibi – or literally the March calf)!

Barfuß am Balkon in Salzburg im Frühling. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.
Klettern in Salzburg. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.

#3 – Try out a new sport

It’s not too late to start getting your body beach-ready for the summer! Overindulging in alcohol and treats over Christmas tends to leave its mark. Trying out a new sport can be a great way to get motivated. How about trying climbing or via ferrata? You can try out these activities both in the countryside and in urban areas. Or, how about Ultimate Frisbee, which is not as boring as it sounds? As soon as the weather gets warmer you can venture out on a board or try out standup paddling (SUP). These are great activities for improving posture and balance.

Blühende Magnolien in Salzburg. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.

#4 – See beautiful magnolias in full bloom

Did you know that magnolia blooms are the most posted image of spring on Instagram? It is almost impossible to walk past a flowering magnolia tree without having the urge to take a picture of it on your mobile phone. Even the most hardened cynic cannot fail to be touched by their beauty. So why not visit your nearest park and enjoy these beautiful blooms – if you really want to get in touch with nature, you could try this barefoot!

Detailansicht von Fahrrad-Stangen. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.

#5 – Give your bike an overhaul

So, there is no air left in your tyres, you can see spots of rust forming and the chain has worked its way loose. Now is definitely the time to spruce up your faithful bicycle. It is a good idea to ensure that any repairs are dealt with if you want to avoid any accidents. Why not take your bike to Andi Rath’s Second Chance Bikes in Salzburg, Bikekitchen in Vienna or Drahtesel in Graz?

#6 – Eat spring salad

We don’t need reminding that fresh vegetables are incredibly good for us. As soon as the weather turns warmer, an array of fresh fruit and vegetables are available in the shops waiting to be cooked and enjoyed. It all looks sooo tempting – whether you opt for a spring herb salad with goat’s cheese, a large dish of lamb’s lettuce or a lettuce and radish salad.

#7 – Urban Gardening

Anyone who wants to rely less on large supermarket chains or who is simply looking for a new hobby should certainly consider joining an Urban Gardening initiative. These initiatives are now running in nearly every large town in Austria. Urban Gardening enables people without a garden or enough space to cultivate plants to grow their own vegetables right in the heart of major urban areas.

Urban Gardening in Salzburg. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.

#8 – Take a dawn walk

Walking home barefoot accompanied by the dawn chorus is such a special experience. These unforgettable moments are certain to put a smile on your face. So, as you leave the club that has been open until the small hours, you can make your way home with joy in your heart.

#9 – Paint your own Easter eggs

Hand-painted eggs are a beloved tradition in Austria. Even though they are found in shops everywhere, there is nothing more rewarding than painting them yourself at home. The smell of hot vinegar water in pickle jars, burnt fingers and splashes of paint everywhere are very much part of childhood memories in Austria. The Easter bunny is sure to reward you for your efforts!

#10 – Sort and print your photos

Many of us are familiar with the proverb ‘April showers bring May flowers’ which reminds us that spring is a time for new beginnings. Spring is certainly the perfect time to sort out your photos, edit and print them out. Why not clean up your hard drive and USB sticks and look back on some lovely memories. After you have finished your spring cleaning, you can display these lovely images in your home for everyone to admire.

Eva Krallinger schreibt unter anderem für Happy Kompass - den JUFA-Blog. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.
Über die Autorin: Eva Krallinger-Gruber

Eva ist eine richtige Ex-Exil-Salzburgerin. Frankreich, USA, Schweiz – aber nirgends ist es wie zuhause. Journalismus, Marketing (Kosmetik und dann Bier) und eigentlich redet sie auch ganz gern. Auf fraeuleinflora.at schreibt sie über Salzburg und was es in der Nicht-nur-Mozartstadt zu entdecken gibt.

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