The Three Lakes Tour in Ausserland

Breathtaking views over the lakes and alpine scenery in the Salzkammergut region in Styria: the tour around Lake Grundl, Lake Toplitz Lake Kammer promises all this and more.

Sie sehen den Grundlsee mit seiner schönen Berglandschaft im Sommer. JUFA Hotels bietet tollen Sommerurlaub an schönen Seen für die ganze Familie.

Station 1: Wild and Romantic Lake Grundl

The best time to take a tour around the Three Lakes is when the sun is shining and the temperature is warm. Visit beautiful Lake Grundl, Lake Toplitz and Lake Kammer. The trip usually begins in the late morning. “Rudolf” is a fully-restored motor boat which glides smoothly across Lake Grundl. The 6.5 kilometre long crossing takes approximately half an hour. Reflections of 1,600 metre high Mount Backenstein and the surrounding meadows can be seen in the water.
When you reach the other side of the lake, you can continue on by foot. Here you can explore the romantic natural surroundings. You will be charmed by the sight of lush green meadows, bright yellow marsh marigolds and trees bearing delicious fruit. The traditional houses that you will see in the region have been lovingly renovated and decorated with immense attention to detail.

Sie sehen einen Wasserfall am Toplitzsee im Sommer. JUFA Hotels bietet tollen Sommerurlaub an schönen Seen für die ganze Familie.

Station 2: Take a trip on a Plätte boat (a traditional wooden flat-bottomed boat) across Lake Toplitz

This is a great way to see Lake Toplitz which is enshrouded in legend and mystery. According to legend, Nazi treasure is supposed to be buried at the bottom of the lake. Divers have been searching for the treasure for many years. No gold has been found yet, however, a number of documents, papers and war material have been found. You can travel across the lake on a Plätte, a traditional wooden flat-bottomed boat. The boat’s skipper Sepp has operated the boat for 30 years. He cheerfully points out all the sights, such as Lake Toplitz beach, as he calmly and skilfully steers the boat across the waters of the lake.

Sie sehen den Kammersee mit Bäumen im Sommer. JUFA Hotels bietet tollen Sommerurlaub an schönen Seen für die ganze Familie.

Station 3: Mystical Lake Kammer

The lake that lies furthest away on the tour is Lake Kammer which can be reached following a short walk from the shores of Lake Toplitz. Its waters are a beautiful shimmery green and exude a mystical atmosphere. The short walk to lake takes you past a waterfall. This is considered as the origin of the Traun. This is where the impressive Three Lakes Tour comes to an end and you will find yourself heading back to the hotel feeling energised and completely relaxed.

Tips & Information

Lake Grundl Boat Trip
You can take The Three Lake Tour with the Lake Grundl boat trip between 30 April and 30 October. Tickets cost 24 euros for adults. For further information, please visit:

Fish lovers
should certainly seek out the Rostiger Anker guest house on the southern shore of Lake Grundl and the Fisherhütte at Lake Toplitz. Both establishments serve fresh locally-sourced fish every day. You should definitely stop by for a delicious bite to eat!

Stay at a JUFA Hotel
Summertime is JUFA time! Enjoy a relaxing summer holiday at one of our JUFA hotels. Our hotel is located directly on the shores of Lake Grundl inBad Ausseeand is only a few minutes’ walk from the centre of the town. Or, how about a holiday at Lake Altau at the foot of Mount Loser right in the heart of magnificent natural surroundings?

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