‘I now have sixteen birds of prey.’

We spoke with Norman Vögeli who fulfilled his childhood ambition of becoming a falconer. He regularly travels up the Sareis mountain ridge where he holds flying demonstrations for the public.

Did you ever dream of being a falconer when you were a child?

When you are really obsessed with something as a child and you wish for it from the bottom of your heart, then sometimes your dream can become a reality. This is how it was for me with falconry. I was always fascinated with birds of prey. Today, I have sixteen birds of prey ranging from eagles and ravens to owls.

How do you become a falconer?

There is no specific form of apprenticeship, you just have to make your own way. You have to take hunting tests. The most difficult thing is definitely having to learn things completely on your own. The classic scenario is the passing down of knowledge through family generations and it can be really exciting if you have a mentor who is happy to bequeath his or her knowledge.

What is it like working with such majestic animals?

These birds will not subjugated. There must always be a cooperative relationship between human and bird of prey. A kind of partnership. There is no guarantee that the bird will fly back. This is a daily challenge which I am happy to take on.

For further information, please visit: www.galina.li

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