Pack your swimming things! The seven best places to swim for free in Salzburg

Pack your swimming costume and head for the lake! The best time to enjoy splashing about in the sparkling water is certainly when the sun is shining. But what do you do if the coffers are empty? There is no need to worry – there are a number of places in and around Salzburg where you can swim for free AND they can also be easily reached by public transport!

#1 – The Almkanal

You are permitted to swim in the Almkanal, however, you have to ensure that you observe a few rules. For example, you have to keep away from power stations and cooling systems because you can end up getting stuck in the locks if there is a power failure. Nevertheless, the Almkanal is still just the right place if you want to have a quick cooling dip! The canal is located right in the middle of the city and can be easily reached by public transport. We can share a few insider tips on the best places to go for a dip in the Almkanal: the meadows next to Sternhofweg in Gneis and the embankment near the Leopoldskroner Allee between the Donnenbergpark and the Zmugg garden centre. Surfers should definitely check out the Almwelle (Alm surfing waves)!

#2 – Waldbad Anif

Please note: You have to pay to use the pool at Waldbad Anif, HOWEVER, if you are particularly skint or sneaky you could just wait until the admission hut closes later on in the afternoon. After this time, you can enter free of charge and enjoy this lake experience right in the heart of the city. This is particularly handy if you don’t have a car or the time to travel to another lake. Clear water, plenty of shade under the trees, a bathing platform and all sorts of leisure activities make the Waldbad a great place to swim and relax. During the evening, when you can effectively get in for free, the area really shows its finest side. If you want to go swimming earlier on in the day, you can simply try one of the other free bathing places.

#3 – Swimming in the River Taugl

The River Taugl is Salzburg’s life-giving artery as it flows through the city’s districts of Bad Vigaun and Kuchl. This wild mountain stream has cut its way through the surrounding rock for thousands of years and has created some breathtaking gorges and ravines. When you go for a swim in its waters you will be able to enjoy an intimate atmosphere in peaceful surroundings. You rarely find children or pensioners along the banks of the River Taugl. You are more likely to encounter young people drinking beer, strumming on a guitar or enjoying a smooch! Nature lovers will certainly enjoy a visit to the river. It is of course always important to respect the needs of the animals and plants that live and grow there.

#4 – Take a dip in the Faistenau rock pools

These wonderful rock pools are located near the idyllic Strüblweiher reservoir. You can enjoy a refreshing and energising dip in the mountain stream, pools and waterfalls. Perfect for all the water babies out there! You can lie out on the rocks under the shade of the trees and experience this beautiful rocky landscape to the full. You can take in the wild and romantic atmosphere with the sounds of rushing water and birdsong as your soundtrack. The rock pools vary in depth and size and therefore suit the requirements of both swimmers and youngsters who love to splash around in the shallower pools. You can reach the Faistenau rock pools by bike, however, travelling there and back by this means will probably take up most of your day. The inclines can be quite steep which may take you some time and cause your thighs to burn!

Idyllischer Badeplatz mit Felswannen und kühlem Wasser, ideal für heiße Sommertage.
Idyllischer Badeplatz mit Felswannen und kühlem Wasser, ideal für heiße Sommertage.
Idyllischer Badeplatz mit Felswannen und kühlem Wasser, ideal für heiße Sommertage.

#5 – Lake Wiestalstausee

Lake Wiestalstausee in Adnet is 100 hectares in size and one of the largest bodies of water in the state of Salzburg that is capable of supporting fish such as salmon. There are various beautiful bays where you can go swimming, boating and fishing. You can also stay overnight there. The lake is absolutely heaven for anglers as there are large stocks of fish predominantly consisting of zander, char and trout. Lake Wiestalstausee is also a popular destination for dog lovers. Unlike most of the other lakes, you can take your four-legged friend for a swim here. The most sought-after places during the summer are usually the peaceful and secluded natural bathing spots. Bathers can lie back and enjoy the wonderful views over the unspoilt forest scenery.

Blick auf den Wiestalstausee nahe Salzburg.
Am Wiestalstausee kann man gratis baden, auch Hunde dürfen rein!
Die Königsseeache eignet sich besonders an der Mündung in die Salzach zum Baden. Auch ungewöhnlichen Sportarten lässt sich dort nachgehen, z.B. Kanu-Polo.

#6 – River Königsseeache

We include ourselves among the generations of people from Salzburg who have spent much of their youth having fun along the banks of the River Königsseeache. The particularly appealing thing about the River Königsseeache is the many secluded bays hidden among the wetlands close to the estuary of the River Salzach. The banks of the river are very stony and we recommend you take camping mats, or – if prefer a bit more luxury – a sun lounger. The Königsseeache is not just a great place for lounging around; you can also take part in sports activities here, such as canoe polo. For example, canoe polo is played. Both fun and refreshing!

#7 - Take a dip in Lake Hintersee

Lake Hintersee is located in the district of Faistenau and is easy to reach by public transport. There are many places to swim here free of charge. Relatively few people seek out this lake during the summer even though it has many areas of undeveloped shoreline which are easy to access. It is not without good reason that it has earned a reputation for being one of the most multifaceted lakes in the whole of the Salzkammergut region. A particularly delightful place to swim is the area directly next to the bridge which runs over the River Taugl. The best way to reach this spot is to turn a sharp right straight after the bridge when you are coming from the direction of Faistenau and then continue on a few more metres into the forest.

Gratis baden am Kiesstrand vom schönen Hintersee, in der Nähe von Salzburg.
Unberührte Natur am paradiesischen Hintersee bei Salzburg.
Eva Krallinger schreibt unter anderem für Happy Kompass - den JUFA-Blog. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.
Über die Autorin: Eva Krallinger-Gruber

Eva ist eine richtige Ex-Exil-Salzburgerin. Frankreich, USA, Schweiz – aber nirgends ist es wie zuhause. Journalismus, Marketing (Kosmetik und dann Bier) und eigentlich redet sie auch ganz gern. Auf schreibt sie über Salzburg und was es in der Nicht-nur-Mozartstadt zu entdecken gibt.

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