A sustainable holiday in ‘nature’s playground’ at Lake Weissensee

Crystal-clear waters and an undeveloped shoreline await holidaymakers at Lake Weissensee which is affectionately known as ‘nature’s playground’. In order to ensure that it remains as unspoilt as possible, the locals have come up with a great approach: they welcome tourism, but with a certain degree of reservation. How does that work? They skilfully incorporate sustainable tourism.

An undeveloped lakeside

Two thirds of the lakeside have not been developed and are surrounded by forest and alpine meadows. To ensure this idyllic landscape remains in tact, there are no plans in the future to build a main lakeside thoroughfare. Motorboats are not permitted on the lake and the wetlands around the lake are not fertilised. Wild swimming is not allowed; instead there are public lidos. The lake water is so clean that it is in fact drinking water quality.

The only professional fisherman

Fishing in 11.6 kilometre long and 960 metre wide Lake Weissensee is only permitted under certain conditions. Martin Müller is the only professional fisherman allowed to fish in the lake. Part of his job is to control the ecological balance of the lake. Visitors can buy his whitefish, pike and carp from a wooden hut located directly on the shores of the lake from June until October.

Sie sehen den Weissensee in Kärnten mit Schilf. JUFA Hotels bietet tollen Sommerurlaub an schönen Seen für die ganze Familie.
Sie sehen den Weissensee in Kärnten inmitten wunderschöner Landschaft. JUFA Hotels bietet tollen Sommerurlaub an schönen Seen für die ganze Familie.

Delicious organic food at the Naggler Alm

Hikers who like to combine physical activity with culinary pleasure are certain to appreciate the Naggler Alm. Located 1,300 metres above sea level, this restaurant specialises in regional delicacies and high-quality food that has been produced organically. We highly recommend the alpine herb soup or the blackberry pancakes (Schmarren) which are made from organic milk produced in the Weissensee area and eggs from the Drau Valley.

A holiday without the car

Sustainability at Lake Weissensee also concerns the approach to traffic: Weissensee Nature Park is a member of the Alpine Pearls which is an alliance of regions that are working towards creating environmentally-friendly tourism. If you want to, you can travel to the region by train and be collected from the station. You can also make use of e-bikes, segways and the Nature Park Bus.

Austria’s first electric-hybrid passenger ship

A trip on the MS Alpenperle is a truly special experience. This is Austria’s first electric-hybrid passenger ship Its environmentally-friendly engine is powered by both diesel and electricity. The electric motor and the on-board power are both powered by a battery that is recharged overnight at a hydroelectric power station which is driven by the runoff from Lake Weissensee.

Sie sehen den Weissensee in Kärnten mit einer Feuchtwiese. JUFA Hotels bietet tollen Sommerurlaub an schönen Seen für die ganze Familie.
Sie sehen den Weissensee in Kärnten mit seinen umliegenden Bergen. JUFA Hotels bietet tollen Sommerurlaub an schönen Seen für die ganze Familie.

Tips & Information

Further information about the lake
Lake Weissensee is situated 930 metres above sea level and is one of the highest bathing lakes in Austria. The lake is frozen in the winter and is a great place to show off your ice skating skills! For further information, please visit:www.weissensee.com

Eating out
The Naggler-Alm Restaurant is open from May to October and is closed on Mondays. Why not drop in for a bite to eat after a hike or mountain bike tour! The Naggler-Alm is also easy to reach by cable car.

Stay overnight at the JUFA Hotel
Are you as impressed by the natural gem that is Lake Weissensee as we are? Would you like to explore the region yourself? You and your family can enjoy a relaxing holiday exploring the beautiful region of Carinthia and stay at the wonderfully comfortable JUFA Hotel Gitschtal – Landerlebnis***.

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