Why coffee belongs on the breakfast table

At JUFA Hotels you will always find just the right breakfast to give you a great start to the day.

Whether you are taking part in winter sports, water sports or hiking, coffee gives you the energy you need for these types of activities.

The miracle weapon: caffeine

The best-known ingredient in coffee is caffeine. This miracle weapon helps to combat fatigue, increases concentration and physical performance, in other words, you are perfectly equipped to take on your day.

Filter coffee versus espresso – which one contains more caffeine?

Kaffee fließt durch Filter. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.
J. Hornig Espresso Tasse wird in Händen gehalten. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.

There is a widespread misconception that a cup of espresso contains more caffeine than a cup of filter coffee. The amount of caffeine contained in a particular type of coffee depends on a range of factors, such as the variety of the coffee beans, the place where they are cultivated and the roasting process. However, it is generally true to say that an espresso (25 ml cup) contains approximately 30 mg of caffeine. This is proportionally quite a lot. There are 80 mg of caffeine in a cup of filter coffee (approx. 100 ml). If you drink the same volume of espresso as the filter coffee (100 ml), this will contain 120 mg of caffeine which is considerably more than the filter coffee. However, most people never drink espresso in 100 millilitre cups!

Take-home message:
it actually depends on the amount you drink, i.e. there is less caffeine in a cup of espresso (25 ml) than in a cup of filter coffee (100 ml).

Did you also know?
Red Bull has 32 mg of caffeine per 100 ml and coca cola has 10 mg. Regardless of whether you choose an espresso or a filter coffee, a cup of coffee is always the right choice. ;-)

Eine schöne Tasse mit Hornig Kaffee im JUFA Hotel Wien City. Der Ort für erlebnisreichen Städtetrip für die ganze Familie und der ideale Platz für Ihr Seminar.
About the authors: Barbara Bauer & Christoph Regger

You can find further facts and interesting information on the subject of coffee written by experts on the J. Hornig blog.

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