Are you completely off track?

Snowshoeing, ski touring, or cross-country skiing – find your inner balance

Goodbye daily grind – here you can move at your own pace and rediscover both the world and yourself.

As the days grow shorter and cities turn gray, don’t let yourself be trapped in the mundane or succumb to hibernation. So, step out of the treadmill of others’ expectations. Whether it’s ski touring, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, the cold season offers plenty of options for embracing the winter sun and staying active.

Nature’s beauty brightens gloomy days

Take each step deliberately, find your own rhythm, and let the hustle and bustle of everyday life shrink away. While the valley below is lost in monotony, the mountaintops bask in sunrise and you can feel your heart opening up. As the crisp air clears your mind and the glistening white surroundings beckon, let the rhythm of your own heartbeat be your guide. What remains is the pride of conquering the peak, cherished moments with friends along the way, and the gratifying realization of having charted your own path through this winter wonderland.

Anticipate a comforting cup of hot chocolate and the restorative embrace of a sauna upon your return. And as you crawl under the covers at the JUFA Hotel, tired but happy, you will know for sure that all your worries are miles away.

No time for hibernating!

Ski touring

Cross-country skiing


Experience the mountain’s freedom! Beyond the chairlifts and groomed slopes, a pristine winter wonderland awaits. Feel the crisp snow crunch beneath your skis as you explore unique backcountry regions, unbeatable winter deals, and tips to conquer those peaks. Welcome to the magic of ski touring!

Cross-country skiing is the perfect expression of winter’s gentle elegance. In harmony with nature, glide effortlessly across snow-covered trails, escaping to a world of peace and balance. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro – if you’re looking for an exciting cross-country haven right near the hotel, our winter active getaway is just right for you!

Feel like forging your own path? Just strap on some snowshoes, available for rent at JUFA Hotels, and step off the beaten winter trails to become part of the snowy landscape, exploring places otherwise unreachable by foot. Dive into an almost meditative winter experience and blaze your own snowshoe trail!

Skifahrer auf verschneiter Piste

Are your skis ready to rock?

We say: better be ski crazy than life crazy! Whether you’re a long-time ski enthusiast or a budding ski fan, let JUFA Hotels be your second home this winter. You’ll find us right where the family ski fun is. Whether you choose to stay right by the slopes, in the heart of a family ski resort, or benefit from a complimentary ski pass: many of our hotels offer a generous spa area where you will find yourself relaxing after an exhilarating day on the slopes.

Go to ski getaway!
Sie sehen zwei Frauen beim Saunieren und Entspannen in einer Therme, unweit von einem der über 60 JUFA Hotels in 5 Ländern.
Cranking up the heat for you.

Alone, with your best friend, with the girls, or with your family at the end of a long and adventure-filled day: It’s not just the JUFA Hotels wellness areas that give you a breather. At JUFA Hotels in many thermal spa regions, you can replenish your energy stores thanks to the positive effect of the spa waters.

Sie sehen eine Familie beim Schlittenfahren durch den Wald. Das JUFA Hotel Laterns - Klangholzhus ist ein idealer Ort für einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Familienurlaub und erholsame Tage für die ganze Familie.

Seize the cold day!

Not a fan of winter sports? That’s no reason to veg out on the couch during those long, dark winter evenings. Venture outside into the fresh air to see how much winter has to offer! Forget the daily grind and the stress: just a few breaths of mountain air will rejuvenate your mind and body. Allow the winter sun to warm your face, lift your spirits, and touch your heart.

Take things slow on a romantic sleigh ride or a cozy fondue night, go nostalgic with ice skating, or go for action-packed tobogganing. Whichever option you choose, your winter getaway is sure to include an ample dose of fresh air and a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate. Happily tired, you will crawl under the covers and sleep like a baby. Expect nothing less than unforgettable moments with family or friends.

Go to winter getaway!

Let it snow! Or not.

There’s no denying it:
Mother Nature has gotten less predictable in recent times. Even without snow, you can have a jolly good time. Take the opportunity to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, enjoy the crisp air during a winter stroll, or embark on an excursion – get inspired by the following destinations:

  • Wanderer im Lavanttal Kärnten
  • Adventmarkt Salzburg Stadt
  • Hotel spa

While some conquer the slopes, others prefer to get pampered at our hotels’ spa areas and savor the cold season to the fullest.

  • Indoor play and fun

Our spacious indoor play areas offer a variety of activities for both kids and adults, leaving no room for boredom. The indoor play areas at JUFA Hotels are true havens of play and fun. Kids can climb, slide, jump, and frolic to their hearts’ content, while parents sit back and relax.

  • Snowless winter walks

Even without snow, winter provides an enchanting backdrop for unforgettable hikes in the great outdoors. As nature shows her gentle side, with the air crisp and clear, you will find yourself appreciating the beauty of the season.

  • Winter vacation in the city

As a charming alternative, we recommend visiting the Christmas markets that grace many cities and towns during the pre-Christmas season. Immerse yourself in the festive ambiance, delightful scents of Christmas, and the vibrant array of lights.

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