Seize the cold day!

Old-school winter delight

When the weather turns chilly and frosty, there’s nothing like snuggling under a blanket with a steaming cup of tea and a good book. Our JUFA Hotels are certainly a great place to do just that.

And yet, if you hole up indoors for the winter, you’ll be missing out on the most beautiful moments of the cold season! Imagine the winter sun warming your face and sparkling snowflakes delighting your eyes, the crisp winter air touching your skin: winter blues are a thing of the past and winter delight is on the agenda.

Leave the city behind and dive into nature, all relaxed and with no stress in sight. Close your eyes and soak up the sun.  Reconnect with nature and find peace with it: whether it’s winter hiking, ice skating, sleigh rides, or tobogganing, you decide what you feel like doing and what’s best for you.

Our JUFA Hotel winter getaways are all about you, a big dose of coziness, and plenty of warming winter sun!

Skifahrer auf verschneiter Piste
Ready to rock your skis?

Better ski crazy than let life make you crazy, that’s our motto! For all true ski fans and those who want to become one: The JUFA hotels are your second home this winter – we are right in the middle of the ski circus for young and old – whether directly on the slopes, in the middle of the family ski area or with free ski pass.

Winter getaway activities

Our JUFA Hotel winter getaway activities are as varied as our hotels. Whether you are all for cozying up during a romantic sleigh ride or speeding down a hill on a toboggan – join us to rediscover forgotten winter delights big or small.

Sie sehen zwei junge Mädchen beim Rodeln in einer Winterlandschaft mit einem Schneemann im Hintergrund in der Nähe eines JUFA Hotels.

Toboggan fun for all ages

Looking for some action off the ski slopes? Then tobogganing is for you! This winter activity has many advantages: it allows you to glide down snowy forest paths without much noise or emissions, catching glimpses of the snow-covered winter landscape along the way. Words don’t do this experience justice!

Tobogganing is perfect for families and children. And for some adults, pulling the sled brings back cherished childhood memories. Combine your tobogganing adventures with a winter hike, a stop at a mountain lodge, or a gondola ride – leaving any stress or time pressure behind.

Sie sehen zwei Freundinnen auf einer Winterwanderung im Wipptal. Das JUFA Hotel Wipptal ist der ideale Ausgangspunkt für einen unvergesslichen Winterurlaub in Tirol.

Relaxing winter hikes

Snow crunching underfoot, deeply snow-covered forests, silence, the beauty of nature:  winter hiking lets you experience the cold season with all your senses. At the pace of your own stride, you leisurely stroll through snow-covered landscapes, through forests, across meadows, and alongside frozen lakes. This almost meditative way of moving is suitable for everyone. The perfect choice for when you want to take it slow(er).

Sie sehen zwei Kinder beim Eislaufen am Eislaufplatz

Always in balance

Finding the right balance in life is certainly not always easy. In the hustle and bustle of everyday work, many a meditative moment is easily lost.

Ice skating is a soothing delight and gentle sport all at once. Under the open sky, on crystal-clear ice sheets or amidst snow-covered winter landscapes, you will find your inner balance in no time. And whether it’s you speed-skating with friends or your kids making their first wobbly attempts: the joy of completing that first lap is universally shared

Romantic sleigh rides

What could be more romantic than snuggling with your loved ones under a thick wool blanket, gliding over snowy trails? As the snow-covered landscape passes by, you hear the horses’ gentle snorts and see your breath in the crisp air. It’s a serene and quiet delight that quickly melts away the stresses and hustle of everyday life.

Sie sehen ein Käse-Fondue

Warming fondue nights

You can savor special moments even in the chill of winter. Hit the pause button and treat yourself to a comforting evening with your loved ones. After a long winter hike in the cold, a warm fondue is the perfect pick-me-up to rejuvenate tired spirits.

Sie sehen Huskys beim Husky

Family-friendly husky sled rides

Embark on a family adventure that doesn’t require a trip to the far north: try a husky sled ride! Teaming up with human’s best friend, you’ll stand aboard as the husky pack pulls you through epic winter landscapes. Thick blankets of snow, shimmering ice crystals, and warm sunlight – it’s winter as far as the eye can see.

Sie sehen eine Gruppe Jugendlicher beim Eisstockschießen

Ice stock thrills

Ice stock sport has deep roots and remains a popular pastime. Whether it’s with a partner, a larger group, or as a team, ice stock is easy to pick up and a great fit for any winter vacation. If you’re looking for a fun activity that appeals to both young and old, you won’t want to miss out on this traditional sport!

Take it easy!

If the point is to relax, sometimes you don’t want to experiment and would prefer to go on a classic wellness vacation.

So check in right away at a JUFA Hotel in a thermal spa region!

The JUFA Holiday World in Winter

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Alpine climbing in Ausseerland

  • 2-5 nights incl. halfboard
  • Lunchbox and daily snacks to pack
  • Climbing rental equipment & entry to the Altaussee Climbing Park
  • Wellness area
p.p from

Hike and climb in Almtal

  • 2-3 nights incl. halfboard
  • Rauszeit-lunch, lunchbox and thermal flask
  • Maps, routes and guides for your adventure
  • Shuttle service
p.p from

Climbing in the Limestone Alps

  • 2-5 nights incl. half board
  • Rauszeit box with daily snack
  • In-house wellness and relaxation area
  • Pyhrn-Priel Active Card
p.p from

Family time out in Hochsteiermark

  • Daily "Rauszeit" snack
  • Leisure and adventure tips
  • 2-3 nights incl. half board
  • Nature experience Hochsteiermark
p.p from

Yoga Week with Levi Yoga

  • 8 nights including halfboard
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Wellness area
  • Fruit and tea package
p.p from

Culture and nature in Bregenz

  • 1-3 nights
  • Rich breakfast buffet
  • Bodensee-Vorarlberg Freizeitkarte (bonus card)
  • Entry to outdoor & indoor swimming pool
Sie sehen ein Person beim Skitouren gehen im Tiefschnee neben der Spur mit einer Winterlandschaft, blauem Himmel und Sonne im Hintergrund.
Are you off track?

Say farewell to the daily grind – let yourself do things at your own pace and rediscover the world and yourself. Whether it’s ski touring, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing – soak up the sun and stay active. It will do wonders for your body and soul, especially in winter!

And as you crawl under the covers at the JUFA Hotel, tired but happy, you will know for sure that all your worries are miles away.

More Inspirations for Your Winter Vacation

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