Which breakfast type are you?

Find it out!

Eat less or a lot? Eat early or late? Or would you prefer just a coffee? We at JUFA Hotels take a look at various breakfast types and help you to find your own breakfast type.

The breakfast: the most important meal of the day. According to various helpful sayings, you should eat like an emperor. But not everyone jumps at the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets of this world in the same way.

That is why we at JUFA Hotels take a look at the different breakfast tpyes and help you to find out, which type you are in the morning. Whether you have a sweet tooth, are a sausage tiger or a cheese snail. So that everyone can really enjoy their breakfast on vacation and as a bonus we will show you how you can satisfy all your breakfast wishes at JUFA Hotels.

Type 1: The early bird

For some, it must go particularly fast in the morning. So it’s the best to get up and have breakfast right now (!) and – almost more importantly – coffee. Otherwise, the day will simply be nothing. How can you, if you don’t get any calories to burn successfully?

Practical: JUFA hotels offer breakfast already at 7 a.m., so that even the earliest birds get to their worms in time.

Type 2: The quick eater

Especially when things have to go fast (see: Type 1), you can’t eat everything. That’s why this type also reaches for a quick snack instead of something really elaborate.

Regardless of whether it’s a ready-to-eat roll, an overnight porridge from the fridge or a blueberry muffin, the rule here is: it has to be efficient so that you can start the day full of energy and without a break. That’s why in the JUFA hotels you can simply grab your personal favorites from the buffet as you pass by. And if it tastes good, you can go back a second time.

Type 3: The caffeine junkies

Kindred to type 2, but with one big difference is type 3. You don’t even need to address the caffeine junkies before the first cup of coffee. At least not if you expect more than zombie-like sounds in response. As soon as the coffee – and nothing else, please – has found its way into the arteries, the person is transformed.

By the way, this works best with delicious Fairtrade coffee from J. Hornig or, for teein instead of caffeine, with spicy teas from Sonnentor.

Type 4: The brunch-fans

Type 4 is much more relaxed in life and in the morning. But at brunch there’s also really the full program. In other words: eggs in almost 30 variations, pancakes, sausages, champagne, bacon, juices, several coffees, cakes … and everything nicely arranged on an etagere or a buffet, big enough that you almost need a navigation system for it.

The special highlight? Delicacies like waffles. In the waffle stations of some JUFA hotels, you can even serve them yourself.

Type 5: The late birds

Almost to be confused with the brunch fans – but still fundamentally different – are the late ones. These are those who simply can’t get a bite down at such ungodly hours and therefore treat themselves to their breakfast late. Mostly, however, not in the form of a land of milk and honey brunch buffet, but well packed in the snack box, when they can already put the first successes of the day on their hats.

That’s why participating JUFA hotels also offer the Rauszeit snack box. With it, you can simply pack your favorite snacks at the buffet and then have a late breakfast at the first rest stop on the hike.

Sie sehen eine Mutter und ihre Tochter beim Frühstücken im JUFA Hotel Laterns-Klangholzhus in Vorarlberg.

Type 6: The granola aficionados

Pops, crunch, cornflakes, yogurt, milk, fresh and/or dried fruit and then with an appropriate portion of cinnamon and honey. The granola aficionados out there already have mouths watering. In addition it starts itself so also correctly healthy and refreshed into the new day. With such a balanced basis at granola stations at the buffet of JUFA hotels, even the steepest trails can be climbed.

Type 7: The forced choosers

The land of milk and honey buffets (see type 4) are not a dream for everyone. Be it lactose intolerance, celiac disease or the decision to live a vegan lifestyle; there are more than enough restrictions. But that doesn’t mean these people can’t still live their best breakfast lives. In their case, just with a somewhat reduced selection. And more often at home, so they can be sure that they really can eat everything.

That’s why JUFA hotels also support different diet types. Just let us know in advance and all breakfast wishes will be fulfilled: from vegan spreads to plant-based milk substitutes to gluten-free options.

Type 8: The unseen

And then there are those in our list who just give you a big questioning look when we ask about breakfast. Those who don’t even need a coffee to start the day. We don’t presume to judge how large the intersection of this group is with those whose stomachs can already be heard in half the town at 11:15 a.m..

Whether you are a brunch fan, a caffeine junkie or just looking for a small snack, JUFA hotels fulfill all your morning wishes. Be it egg in various variations, bacon, cheese or granola, as far as the eye can see. Of course, also suitable for different restrictions from lactose intolerance to vegan diet to celiac disease. Best in consultation with the respective hotel. So really all come on vacation to their breakfast happiness.

Also with our small breakfast guests thereby no boredom arises guaranteed. The hotel’s own indoor and outdoor play areas offer lots of fun and action and enough space to play and romp! And parents can simply sit back and relax.

So whether on vacation or just for a breakfast in the region, whether with the extended family or the best friend, whether with a gang of kids or as a relaxing time for two; a breakfast in the JUFA hotels with regional highlights, delicious coffee and tea and homemade jams is always a good idea.

  • Ayurveda-Frühstück im JUFA Hotel Stift Gurk
  • JUFA Laterns Frühstücksbuffet
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