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JUFA Hotels is one of the largest employers in Austrian tourism. The concept is also expanding beyond the borders of Austria. Our hotels in Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Hungary simply represent continued steps in the successful JUFA concept.

Many people work together to make sure that a JUFA hotel runs smoothly. From the kitchen crew to the housekeeping & cleaning staff, from the service team to the hotel management, every JUFA hotel is borne by a motivated, passionate and spirited team.

We give our guests “Happy JUFA Moments Together” and each and every one of us looks forward to getting back to our jobs every day.


Our benefits

Mitarbeiter aus dem gesamten Hotelteam mit Arbeitsmaterial in den Händen. JUFA Hotels bietet Ihnen einen interessanten, abwechslungsreichen Arbeitsplatz in einem tollen Team in den schönsten Regionen in Österreich, Deutschland, Liechtenstein und Ungarn.
Would you like to become part of the "Happy Team together"?

JUFA Hotels looks forward to your application! Claudia Gunzer will be happy to advise you!

Mitarbeiter JUFA Fürstenfeld

Fair Pay & Bonuses

Chances are you can find a better paying job somewhere else in the hotel industry. Although – watch out, it’s important not to compare apples with oranges!

At JUFA, our employees’ pay has always been paid into their account on time every month for more than 20 years. We operate an electronic time recording system and overtime is paid out as an extra, or – if you wish – credited as hours, in accordance with the statutory provisions.

We pay holiday and night extras or you get the hours as free time to be used at another time.

In service, you not only get to benefit from tips, but you also receive 5-10% service commission on the beverage and food sales you make in Austria and Germany. Commissions range from 150 to 650 euro for service staff, depending on the site of the hotel and your sales skills.

Hotel managers are given target agreements with bonuses of up to 2.5 months’ salary.

The ten best teams in each year receive bonuses.

The service uniform and lunch are free at all JUFA hotels. In Austria, accommodation is provided for a small charge.

If you help out in another JUFA hotel for a few days, you are entitled to a flexi-bonus.

If you help us to find new employees who are good, you will receive our Bring Your Friend Bonus as a reward.

Frau sitzend auf Felsen

Flexible Working Hours

What’s important for you? Do you want to earn as much money as you can in a single season? Then you can work 6 days a week. Your overtime will be paid as extra pay.

If you want to work a normal 40 hour week, we can offer you a 4 to 5-day week. Would you like to take a trip home in between? No problem at all! Taking 3 to 4 days off at a time is fine with us.

If your leisure time is more important to you or if you have to look after your kids, any kind of part-time work is possible.

If you have personal commitments, we will take these into account in our staff roster if at all possible.

Of course, our guests are also there on the weekend in the hotel industry. Despite this, we still try to ensure that you get 1 to 2 Sundays off every month.

Precise electronic time recording is of course standard at JUFA.

We are also open to part-time early retirement models and (part-time) educational leave. We offer the possibility of sabbaticals for long-serving employees in managerial positions.

Career & Further Development

In the beginning, there was training… to make sure that you get to quickly know your way around – whether you are a newcomer from a different background or a skilled professional – and can feel confident in your new job, we offer our quality manual, e-learning, webinars and one-day seminars for newcomers. Of course, your co-workers and supervisors will guide you on your way.

Further and advanced training: Among other resources, we rely on the first-class academies and practical seminars put on by the Austrian Hotelier Association and by DEHOGA in Germany, as well as our own continued in-house training.

Are you interested in a career at JUFA Hotels? Of course! Within the framework of our Talent Program, we can make a you manager out of you.

All our managers meet twice a year at our multi-day JUFA Hotels Congress.

Transferring within the JUFA Group is always possible. New regions, new people, but without the need to change employer.

Family-Friendly Enterprise

Going on vacation with the family is not only important for our guests. Employees with school-age children are therefore entitled to two weeks vacation during the school breaks.

At JUFA, you are able to take parental leave for up to 4 years and then agree to work part-time until your child turns 14.

During your parental leave, you are welcome to work with us on a marginal basis and, of course, take part in our training programs and attend our year-end party.

Come and talk to us about your working hours – in many areas you can come in mornings, and also work evenings or weekends when your partner is taking care of the kids.

And your kids are welcome to come to us for lunch after school. Our hotels usually also have a place where they can do their homework, and our (indoor and outdoor) play area is a great place to wait for mom or dad.

Team Events & Outings

We are a team of all-rounders – and because we help each other, there is also a great deal of variety in our work.

The highlight of the year at JUFA Hotels is our end-of-year party. Staff members from all regions come together here to celebrate. The top ten hotel teams are invited onto the stage, as are long-serving employees and trainees.

Our works council organizes company outings over several days every two years and the hotel teams go on fun trips.

The team is one of our priorities. Our surveys show repeatedly that our team spirit and the warm and friendly approach of our staff are highly appreciated.

Vacation Vouchers & Discounts

Every year you will receive JUFA vacation vouchers worth up to €250 so you can take trips to our hotels with your family or friends. Whether it’s a trip to Hamburg, the Swiss Alps, a Hungarian spa hotel, or if you’d prefer to relax on the shores of Lake Stubenberg or Lake Constance, there’s something for everyone in our program. You will also find free vacations being raffled off from time to time in our “Happy Together” staff group on Facebook.

But that’s not all! As a JUFA Hotels employee, you also receive many other concessions from selected partners, such as outdoor clothing or discounted memberships at fitness centers. Do you prefer to spend your time listening to audio books, love going out for dinner? Do you need a new pair of glasses or does your car need to be serviced? Then it’s your lucky day! As a member of our team you will discover valuable discounts for these too.


If you come to us from “further away”, we can provide you with a single room at many locations for a small contribution towards the costs. This can either be in the hotel, in our shared staff apartment or in a small apartment of your won.

We only charge the minimum legal amount in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Free Lunch

To make sure that your physical well-being is well taken care of, we are delighted to offer you a special service: all our staff eat free during working hours – and just as well as our guests. Our kitchens serve you a variety of tasty dishes. From regional classics to international dishes to delicious desserts, we give you the freedom to choose every day.

Alongside traditional home cooking, the choice also includes vegan delicacies.

If the Ride Gets a Little Bumpy

Of course, your supervisor is your direct point of contact for all matters relating to your employment.

Our Human Resources Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about payroll accounting, time recording, the family bonus and commuter allowance.

Our Works Council (AUT) can help you with problems in your team or with personal challenges. They visit all our hotels in Austria regularly.

Are the application documents not ready yet?

Then we’ll make things easy for you! Just send us a little information about yourself and what you are looking for and we’ll call you with the appropriate job offer!

JUFA HR Management
Phone: +43 (0)5/7083 -830 | Email: [email protected]

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