Time to hang out!

Better to be hanging off a cliff than stuck in an office.

Hang in there and hang out.

In daily life, you’ve always got your hands full. It often seems impossible to let go. So you don’t lose it under all that pressure:

Good-bye daily life and hello rocks. Hanging from a rope. The only thing that matters is the next grip and the next step. Let go of everything else. Any expectations. Any pressure. Because that’s the best way to climb: completely in the here and now. And whenever you need a break: Just hang out on the rope or stand and observe the world from a long way off, where day-to-day problems are very small and happiness very great.

To KletterRauszeit Climbing Specials, because our motto is hang in there and hang out instead of hanging it up.

As varied as life

Hiking in spring, swimming in summer, biking in autumn, city trips in between? Our JUFA Hotels are as varied as your vacation calendar, your family member’s wishes, and your friend’s interests:

At the lake, in popular or quiet mountain regions, in the city, in the countryside—each of our hotels is well established in its region and has its own special amenities and character. No two are alike.

What do they have in common? Warm hosts, individual tour tips for an exciting time and an extensive breakfast buffet that will give you energy for days.

Climbing areas and climbing gardens at our locations


Onto the wall, up the rock. To see the vertical face below you and feel the adrenaline pumping through your body. One thing’s for sure: An adrenaline kick is your constant companion here. In the Salzkammergut climbing region, both absolute beginners and experienced professional climbers can let off steam and push their personal limits.

JUFA Hotel Almtal***

  • Großer Priel – Nordgrat
  • Temlberg
  • Zwölferkogel
  • Almtaler Köpfl

Pyhrn-Priel region

Climbing routes in the Pyhrn-Priel vacation region are well hidden. The widely known Kampermauer is located in its northeasternmost corner at the border of Kalkalpen National Park and has over 300 climbing routes rated between 3 and 9 in difficulty. There’s everything here—from practice cliffs to the longest climbing route in Austria.

JUFA Hotel Pyhrn-Priel***

  • Wurzeralm
  • Spitzmauer
  • Kampermauer
  • Rote-Wand-Satte
  • Poppenberg

Salzkammergut / Ausseerland

In Ausseerland Salzkammergut, friends of climbing can plan free trips or conquer well-known via ferrata routes. Different levels of difficulty promise variety and excitement. Conquering Gösslerwand, you’ll enjoy fantastic views of the village of Gößl, the surrounding mountains, and naturally Lake Grundl. Natural cliffs and rocks especially suitable for climbing have been prepared for practicing climbing and mastering specific levels of difficulty.

JUFA Hotel Bad Aussee***

JUFA Hotel Altaussee***

JUFA Hotel Grundlsee***

  • Klettergarten Gösslerwand
  • Grimming
  • Trisselwand
  • Kletterbox Bad Mitterndorf (Bouldern)

Upper Styria

Climbing as a sport for people of all ages, from beginners to pros: There’s a place for everyone. Upper Styria has a long and proud tradition of hospitality. Climbing in the Raxenmäuer Alpine Climbing Garden means southern exposure, solitude, good visibility all the way to Gesäuse and Burgenland, chamois and gophers and a great base in close proximity to the climbing area.

JUFA Natur-Hotel Bruck***

JUFA Hotel Veitsch***

  • Kletterakademie Mitterdorf (Outdoorkletterturm)
  • Raxenmäuer
  • Seebergalm
  • Kletterpark Spielmäuer
  • Falkenstein
  • Waldwandl
  • Klammgraben
  • Festlbeilstein
  • Fingerhüat
  • Fischerwand
  • Fenstergucker

Eastern Styria

The sky’s the limit for all climbing fanatics. In eastern Styria, you have the opportunity to test a variety of different climbing routes and climbing areas.

JUFA Hotel Weiz***s

  • Klettergarten Alter Steinbruch
  • Rablgrat
  • Weizklamm

Graz / Graz Highlands

The Graz Highlands are ideal for short and sweet climbing trips and unforgettable adventure. If you don’t want to drive far, head north: At the Andritz Weinzödl climbing garden, the Graz climbing community meets for climbing sessions in early summer and late fall. If you have never climbed a cliff outdoors, try out the City Adventure Center located directly at JUFA Hotel Graz City.

JUFA Hotel Graz City***

JUFA Hotel Graz-Süd***

  • Klettergarten Andritz Weinzödl
  • CAC Graz
  • Kletterpark Schöckl
  • Kletterwand Murradweg
  • Rote Wand
  • BLOC House
  • Newton Graz
  • Wiki Adventure Park Graz
  • Boulderclub
  • Hasenstein
  • Weiße Wand
  • Burgstall
  • Nadelspitz

Gesäuse National Park

The imposing and steep sloped north faces of the Hochtorgruppe range and the impressive summits and ridges with their seemingly endless climbing opportunities have always excited and attracted alpinists. Above all it’s the compact and rough cliff structures eroded by water that make our Gesäuse mountains a true climber’s paradise and rewarding experience.

JUFA Hotel Schloss Röthelstein/Admont***

  • Pnapsitze Via Peternpfad
  • 4 Gipfel Tag
  • Hexenturm


Climbing the rock face high up into the mountains, walking one of the state’s many challenging via ferrata routes, ice climbing in winter, or training indoors: Salzburger Land is a true rock climber’s paradise and can hardly be matched for its variety and diversity.

JUFA Alpenhotel Saalbach****

  • Kletterturm beim Sportzentrum Hinterglemm
  • Klettern am Kitzsteinhorn
  • Klettergebiet Rettenwand
  • Klettergebiet Gletscherseeplatten
  • Mitterhorn Loferer Steinberg
  • Indoor Kletteranlage in Leogang
  • Klettern in Weißbach bei Lofer


While some people like to roam the easy to demanding hiking trails through the Wipptal Mountains, others need more action and adventure—like vertical rock faces that have to be conquered in a more or less straight line. Good thing that we can recommend a few climbing gardens in Wipptal Valley where beginners and experienced climbers will all find what they are looking for.

JUFA Hotel Wipptal***

  • Klettergarten St. Magdalena
  • Klettergarten Obernberg
  • Klettergarten Bremer Hütte
  • Kletterzentrum „Base-Camp“
  • St. Jodok und Bouldern im Valsertal


When no two rock faces are the same, the greatest concentration is required, and the next grip and step must be thoroughly planned out, then you know that you’ve arrived in the climber’s paradise of Montafon. Thirteen climbing gardens and world-famous alpine climbing routes are here for the taking and made for everyone: beginners, families, and passionate cliff acrobats. Look forward to new experiences every single day of your vacation.

JUFA Hotel Montafon***

JUFA Hotel Laterns***s

  • Silvretta Montafon
  • Boulderhalle “Steinbock” (in Dornbirn)
  • Boulderhalle “Black Monkey” (in Feldkirch)
  • Kletterhalle Rankwell
  • Kletterhalle “K1” (in Dornbirn)

Nockberge Mountains

Welcome to Austria’s southernmost federal state! Lovely Carinthia features turquoise lakes and amazing mountain scenery along with many climbing parks and climbing gardens. Immerse yourself and enjoy.

JUFA Hotel Nockberge***

  • Klettergarten Breitwand
  • Kletterwand Jungfernsprung
  • Klettergarten Rothenthurn – Burgbichl
  • Klettergarten Humuspfeiler
  • Klettergarten Gelbes Geheimnis – Sonnendeck
  • Klettergebiet Schlüsselwand
  • Klettergarten Kreuzwand
  • Klettergarten Kolloseum

North Rhine-Westphalia

Are you always in search of new places? Then explore the area around Jülich. You’ll certainly find what you’re looking for—and the best climbing gyms.

JUFA Hotel Brückenkopfpark Jülich***s

  • CAMPUS Boulderhalle
  • Tivoli Sports


An extra trip to the mountains in order to climb? That’s not necessary! There are climbing gyms and climbing routes of all levels of difficulty in Kempten. They are well worth a visit!

JUFA Hotel Kempten im Allgäu***s

  • DAV Kletterhalle (inkl. Bouldern)
  • Kletterwand Grüntensee
Tired calves?

After the sports vacation is before the wellness weekend ! So check in right away at the JUFA hotels in thermal regions . Or maybe combine both at once?

JUFA Kletter-Rauszeit Climbing Specials

When you have chalk over your entire face, it is difficult to move your lower arms because all your muscles are on fire, and you are overcome by a feeling of adrenaline, excitement, and fear, then you must be in the middle of a JUFA Hotels KletterRauszeit Climbing vacation. Countless routes of every level of difficulty are waiting to be climbed and explored with precise steps. For the complete novice or the experienced climber, our hotels are the ideal starting point for climbers of any level and shared experiences. From Salzkammergut to Gesäuse to the walls of Silvretta, release unprecedented powers, outgrow your limits, and become acquainted with the interaction between human beings and nature.

Everything you want to know about mountain experiences
Dive in before you overheat!

Alone, with your best friend, with the girls, or with your family at the end of a long and adventure-filled day: It’s not just the JUFA Hotels wellness areas that give you a breather.

At JUFA Hotels in many thermal spa regions, you can replenish your energy stores thanks to the positive effect of the spa waters.

We like rainy days too!

Weather report? It certainly can’t spoil your mood while you’re at a JUFA Hotel. No matter if it’s raining or sunny, boredom is not allowed. Small bundles of energy can really let off steam
in colorful play areas, at large indoor playgrounds, and on climbing walls.

Boulder wall, cinema, sauna, wellness, or bowling—each JUFA Hotel has its own individual array of indoor activities.

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